74 Years of Regatta

Held annually for 74 years, we host one of the largest hydroplane races in the United States.

Historic Madison, IN

Hosted on the beautiful Ohio River in historic downtown Madison.


The Madison Regatta has been a hallmark event in Madison, Indiana, capturing the hearts of boat racing enthusiasts and community members alike since its inception in 1951. Originally a part of the city’s Independence Day celebration, it quickly evolved into a stand-alone event, drawing competitors and spectators from across the nation to the Ohio River’s scenic banks. The regatta is famed for featuring hydroplane races, a type of motorboat racing that is known for the boats’ ability to skim the water’s surface at high speeds, creating an exhilarating spectacle. Over the years, it has become a key stop on the H1 Unlimited circuit, hosting some of the most powerful hydroplanes in the world. The Madison Regatta not only celebrates the spirit of competition but also serves as a vital component of the local culture and economy, bringing together a community of fans and families year after year.